What is StableGuard?

StableGuard is the first ever 24/7 monitoring and alert system for horses that uses artificial intelligence to recognize everyday movements and behaviors. With one camera installed in each stall, StableGuard will be able to give horse owner’s peace of mind as users can login to the StableGuard app to view critical information about the horse's health and behavior.

What is the product exactly?

The StableGuard system includes the following:

  1. StableGuard's rugged, weather-proof IP camera in each horse's stall
  2. StableGuard's artificial intelligence processor (size equivalent to a microwave oven)
  3. StableGuard's iPhone app available in the the Apple store for download

How is StableGuard different than installing another camera system?

StableGuard provides more than just live-stream video of your horse’s activity. With our specialized artificial intelligence software, the StableGuard system is able to recognize specific equine movements, including signals of distress (such as distress behavior that could indicate colic, or cast in the stall), and alert users through the app if there is a disturbance day or night. StableGuard is also able to monitor wellness trends such as how often your horse is drinking, eating, urinating, passing manure and sleeping. If there is a sudden and drastic change to any of these daily activities, StableGuard will let you know.

How does the StableGuard app work?

Each user will set a login name and password and can give their login information to anyone else they wish to have access to their account. Once the user logs in, there will be a list of horses in the user's stable. The user can click on each horse and view the live-streaming video feed. There is also a customized activity log with event play-back, showing the user 5-10 second video replays of triggered behavior and events. Each horse also has their own personalized wellness chart that displays food and water consumption, bathroom habits, and environmental temperature correlations over time. 

If there is a distress alert, an alarm will sound on your phone. You can review the video clip that triggered the distress alert at any time.

What do I need in order to utilize the StableGuard system?

Your stable will need to be equipped with WiFi for the system to function and you will need an iPhone for the mobile app. Other than that, StableGuard will supply and maintain the cameras and other necessary equipment.

Is StableGuard portable?

The StableGuard system is not yet portable. Our goal is to be installed at major competition facilities so that the user can log-in to their StableGuard app while on the road.

The user can view their horse’s activity at anytime, from anywhere with the StableGuard app. 

If I move my horses to another stable for the winter season, can I bring my StableGuard system with me?

Our Elite Competitor Package allows the user to have StableGuard installed in both locations so there is no need to worry about installing and uninstalling for every seasonal move. 

Please contact us to learn more about the Elite Competitor Package.

How many stalls can be equipped with StableGuard?

We are currently scheduling installations in stables with 10 or more stalls. We do not have a limit to the amount of total stalls, even if you have a large operation of 100+ stalls. If you have a barn with fewer than ten stalls and are interested in StableGuard, please email info@mystableguard.com for more information.


What kind of Internet/WiFi connection and bandwidth is required to operate the StableGuard system?

The internet connectivity required is what would be provided by a standard home internet connection.

What happens when there is a problem with one of the cameras or any glitches with the equipment? Are there any fees associated with maintenance or repairs?

In terms of any hardware glitches, any defect in the hardware or installation process will be covered in your subscription. So there would be no out of pocket cost to you for those repairs. However, any repair or maintenance cost caused by external factors are not included.

Who does the installation? Who would come and repair the system if there were any glitches?

StableGuard uses local licensed and bonded installers who do a professional installation at your stable. They would also come out at their earliest convenience to repair any issues.