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Having live-stream access to your horse at the show is in high demand. Providing staff to patrol the grounds can be time consuming and difficult. They can miss important signs that can be associated with the animals distress. It is impossible to see each horse all the time, much less spend time monitoring distress signals.

What if  you could check on a horse at any time, from a mobile device?  

StableGuard is an application that can be utilized on mobile smartphones. Within minutes exhibitors can watch their horse and get alerts and wellness information at the touch of a button.

Security at your fingertips, with notifications of unusual activity and human detection. Watch live-stream of your horse in the stall, any where, any time. StableGuard’s state-of-the-art monitoring and alert system uses video camera technology and specialized Artificial Intelligence software to help monitor the health and security of horses.

StableGuard Now Installed at the

Thunderbird Show Park

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