StableGuard Acquires Equine Machine Learning Company, Victory Parade


Magic AI, the startup using artificial intelligence to better understand and care for horses, is adding more talent to its stable with the acquisition of Victory Parade, another equine machine learning company.

Seattle-based Magic AI was co-founded in 2017 by Alexa Anthony, and they raised a $1.2 million seed round in April. The company’s signature product is StableGuard, a 24-hour monitoring and alert system for horses, and the plan is for the platform to be augmented by state-of-the-art equine-specific software developed by Victory Parade.

BY Kurt Schlosser on Jul 26, 2018

 Photo Credit: Andrew H. Kim Photography

Photo Credit: Andrew H. Kim Photography

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Tbird SHow Park and StableGuard Partnership

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SEATTLE, June 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- StableGuard and Thunderbird(Tbird) Show Park are excited to announce the installation of StableGuard's video monitoring system into the premium stabling area of Thunderbird's horse show facility located in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. This year, Tbird celebrates its 45th year in operation by bringing innovation and security to exhibitors through the StableGuard smart monitoring system. Tbird is now the first equine competition facility to offer exhibitors 24/7 live-streaming access to their horses in the stalls. Every horse stabled in Tbird's West FEI stabling will be monitored by the StableGuard system. Riders, owners, and barn managers in these stalls can access live video feed of their horses through the StableGuard mobile web app; providing them the ability to check on their horses around the clock and even do night check remotely.

BY StableGuard on Jun 29, 2018

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Equine Tech Companies Form Collaboration

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Wellington, FL – Equine technology companies BarnManager, Equo, Jumpfax, and StableGuard have come together to form the first equine technology collaboration of its kind, aimed at supporting one another, better serving the equestrian industry as a whole, and ultimately creating greater inter-operability between the equine applications and software. 

With the formation of the equine tech collaboration, the four companies are able to work together to develop improved solutions for the equestrian community, while also each continuing to provide a unique service and value to the equine industry.

BY Emily Riden/Jump Media on Jun 26, 2018

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Artificial intelligence startup Magic AI raises $1.2 million to provide real-time monitoring and alerts on the wellness of horses


April 24, 2018

Magic AI is a Seattle, Washington-based AI startup that’s building a platform through machine learning and computer vision that will bring ubiquitous computing to industries and implementations previously excluded. Magic AI Corp is not building general purpose AI, but is rather focused on nonverbal forms of data and communication related to humans and animals. Magic AI Corp’s platform utilizes a hybrid neural network consisting of both “standard” convolutional layers as well as an innovate, state of the art scattering transformer. This system enables the intelligent processing of natural images and generate extremely accurate predictions of behavior with a limited, and hence cost effective, data set.

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Collegiate Equestrian

Alexa Anthony is joining her love of horses with her professional career to make a difference in the equine industry. So many NCEA graduates go on to do great things in their professional careers, and this is one more example. But Anthony and her team hope to make a lasting impact on the future of the NCEA and the hundreds of horses at schools all across the country.

BY Kyle Heck on December 14, 2017 

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Equine Technology Collaboration

Barn Manager

As more and more companies seek to use technology to solve the equine industry’s problems and close the gaps, we need to be aware of what impact we are going to have on potential customers and what impact we are having on one another.

This is the foundation for the collaboration between BarnManager and our equine technology partners, currently including EquoJumpFaxStableguard and Electronic Vet. We as equine tech founders and owners want to communicate with each other, grow together, and work to bring better solutions to our customers than any individual startup can do on its own.

BY Kate Foy on April 11, 2018

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Who's watching your horse at night at the horse show?

We all know the stress and excitement that comes from attending a horse show. For both rider and horse. 

The StableGuard team wants to know if you would feel better at night if you could remotely monitor your horses at the show facility. 

Please take a minute and fill out the brief survey. 

Take our 10 second survey to get StableGuard at your favorite shows!

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