Equine Technology Collaboration

Barn Manager

As more and more companies seek to use technology to solve the equine industry’s problems and close the gaps, we need to be aware of what impact we are going to have on potential customers and what impact we are having on one another.

This is the foundation for the collaboration between BarnManager and our equine technology partners, currently including EquoJumpFaxStableguard and Electronic Vet. We as equine tech founders and owners want to communicate with each other, grow together, and work to bring better solutions to our customers than any individual startup can do on its own.

BY Kate Foy on April 11, 2018

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alexa anthony
Who's watching your horse at night at the horse show?

We all know the stress and excitement that comes from attending a horse show. For both rider and horse. 

The StableGuard team wants to know if you would feel better at night if you could remotely monitor your horses at the show facility. 

Please take a minute and fill out the brief survey. 

Take our 10 second survey to get StableGuard at your favorite shows!

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