StableGuard CEO Joins The Tech Equestrian Advisory Board

The Tech Equestrian

The technology world is constantly changing and with change comes questions and new ways of thinking. I’m happy to announce that in 2019, you will not be alone when it comes to questions and ideas about technology and how they impact you and your horse(s). Join me on a journey with our 2019 Advisory Board members who come from a host of backgrounds, expertise and experience and who have developed exciting products/services; apps; and wearables to help advance our equines health, performance and safety along with building an exciting new community of connected equestrians.

The Advisory Board will be tasked with answering a hot topic question each month - their responses will then be summarized and posted on the blog! Be sure to follow along and submit any topics or questions you may have - we are all on this tech ride together!

BY Juliana Chapman on December 11, 2018

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