GeekWire Elevator Pitch Ep. 9: Artificial Intelligence


Watch the ninth episode above to see who’ll make it to the top, and don’t forget to check out next week’s GeekWire Summit where eight of our winners will compete live on stage to see who really comes out on top.

This week’s presenters are: Alexa Anthony, a former equestrian athlete whose new startup, Magic AI, is using machine learning and artificial intelligence to track the health and well being of horses; Slava Agafonov, the CEO of Energsoft, a six-month-old startup that’s bringing predictive data analytics to the multi-billion dollar battery industry; and Ed Wingate, the co-founder of Mosaic Track, a startup that’s using machine learning and AI to help job seekers find the best careers.

BY JOHN COOK on September 27, 2018

alexa anthony